Gators Go Green at Davenport!


Davenport Ridge is committed to minimizing our impact on the environment. We have put in place initiatives and programs to help the entire Davenport community make a difference. Read below about our environmental programs and events and find out how you can be a part of our #GreenTeam at Davenport!




Food rescue

Did you know the cafeteria waste is the largest amount of garbage that leaves the school every day by weight? And that we pay for getting rid of this waste through our taxes? We can all do our part to have less waste and waste less money. We would like to tackle the issue of food waste in our cafeteria but we need parent volunteers to make this project possible.


The Food Rescue program last year saved 160 pounds of untouched food each week. Click here to volunteer to be a part of the food rescue team.


In the meantime, please encourage your students to finish their lunches, and if their lunch is packed from home ask your children to bring home what they don't finish so you can better understand what they are not eating and make adjustments. Have your children bring home their aluminum foil and sandwich bags so you can properly recycle at home--or consider using reusable containers.




Every year hundreds of schools across the nation compete against each other to recycle the most plastic film. In addition to providing a better understanding of the importance of recycling, Trex will donate a high-performance composite bench to the winning school and bestow honorary awards to every school that participates. The challenge begins every year on America Recycles Day, November 15th and lasts until April 15th. Start collecting your plastic film now and be on the look out for collection bins at school in November. Click here for more information.



Textile recycling

We have two Textile Recycling Bins in the bus circle to collect old textiles for recycling. These bins collect old clothing, shoes and fabrics. Even things that are stained and torn can be recycled as long as the items are clean and dry (Think: single socks, worn out sneakers, old pillows).


Since the bins have been at Davenport we have collected 22,885 pounds of textiles for recycling earning the Davenport PTO $1,114 towards student enrichment. 


Please click here for a list of acceptable items.


Crayola Colorcycle

Bring us your dried up markers to send back to Crayola for recycling! There is a collection box in the Main Office. Any brand is accepted!!



Gator Good

The Gator Good is a joint collaboration between parents, social workers, administration and staff that works to provide Davenport students and families in need with clothing, supplies and more.



Throughout the year we ask for gently used clothing, toys, supplies and more. Contact Aileen O'Sullivan @ for more information.



Last year Davenport installed new water fountains with bottle fillers that enable students and staff to refill their bottles with cold, filtered and delicious water in an effort to cut down on the waste and expense of plastic water bottles.



Cleaning out your cabinets? We are taking donations of cooler bags and water bottles in the Gator Good Box near the Main Office.



Now that fall is here, and the weather is mild, it should be easy to turn off your car while waiting in the parent pick up line. Studies show that air quality at schools around pick up time is worse due to all the idling cars. Let's keep the Davenport air fresh for our students and turn off our engines. Click here for more information.




Any parents interested in helping tackle environmental issues should contact Alexa Eisenberg at





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